Amara Beach

Where luxury meets leisure

About us

Beachside Bliss with Every Bite

At Amara Beach, experience the harmony of delicious food and a serene beachside setting. Enjoy our selection of cocktails and light fare, all while basking in the beauty of Cable Beach. Amara Beach is accessible to everyone, not just exclusive to hotel guest or residents. Come and enjoy its beauty!

our menu

A casual fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavors

Our menu is designed to complement the beachside experience – light, fresh, and full of flavor. From refreshing cocktails to satisfying snacks, our offerings are perfect for a relaxing day by the ocean.

Our Location

Address: Amara at Goldwynn Resort, Goodman’s Bay, Nassau

Hours: Open Daily 

Bar 11:00am – Sunset

Lunch 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Open to All Guest  | No Reservation Required

Phone: (242) 605-3628

Picturesque beachfront dining

Amara Beach provides the perfect setting to relax, connect with friends, and savor the delights of beachfront dining.